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Tips on sports nutrition from Enervit


Enervit hjälper dig prestera på topp före, under och efter ditt lopp.

To cross the finish line at Vätternrundan, energy intake during the race is just as important as physical preparation.

Enervit has 40 years of experience in sports nutrition and is with you throughout the race to help you perform at your best.

Check out the tips our experts have put together to help you prepare for the race in the best possible way.

Pre-book your Vätternrundan package before you arrive in Motala

Enervit’s Vätternrundan package (Vätternrundanpaket) contains a complete mix of products that help you maintain a stable energy intake throughout the race. You can easily pre-book the package on Vätternrundan’s My Pages, and pick it up at the Enervit tent in the event area before your race in June.


Enervit Pre Sport
Before you get on the saddle, you need energy, and it should be the right kind of energy that supports you in your physical effort without making your body feel heavy. Enervit Pre Sport is an excellent supplement to take between breakfast and the minutes before the start. With its medium-slow energy supply, it becomes a valuable support along the way.


Enervit Isocarb 2:1
During long cycling races, it’s important to load up with as much energy as the body can absorb to avoid an energy dip. That’s why Enervit Isocarb is a good choice during the race. A 500 ml bottle provides the body with a full 60 g of carbohydrates while also replenishing fluids.

Enervit Competition Bar:
Along with liquid energy, it’s a good idea to add energy in solid form. Enervit Competition Bar is designed for moments when the body is under maximum strain, making it an excellent complement.


Enervit WP Recovery Drink
After intense effort, the recovery phase is incredibly important. Drink a WP Recovery Drink within 30 minutes after finishing your exercise to allow your body to recover optimally. With its composition of high-quality and essential carbohydrates, whey proteins, and amino acids, WP Recovery Drink is optimal for your recovery.


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