My Vätternrundan

Complete your ride from where you live

Where you want, when you want, 13th August-5th September 2021

My Vätternrundan is a home alternative for those who have no possibility to take part in our events in Motala this September. You can cycle from where and when you like during the period 13th August-5th September.

1. Choose which event you wish to ride

Before you start your ride from where you live, chose which event you are planning on riding. The distance is to be the same as the Bike Week’s regular event. Choose between My MTB-Vättern 25/50 km, My Tjejvättern 100 km, My Vätternrundan 100 km, My Halvvättern 150 km and My Vätternrundan 315 km.

2. Cycle and register

Pump your tires, fill your bottles and cycle off! There is no maximum time limit or cut-off time that you need to take into account, but you do need to finish the ride in one session. Unlike the previous year, you cannot split your rides over several days. To register the rides, use the app RaceONE. More information on how to register can be found further down on this page.

3. Get your diploma and medal

When you have reached your goal and registered your ride, you will receive a digital diploma on My Pages and a medal will be sent to you in the post.

Good to know: On September 6th we will upload all the results online. A few days later you will receive a mail from Vätternrundan informing you that your diploma is now available on My Pages and that your medal is on its way home to you.

My Vätternrundan – from the start spot to the finish line!

Start card

For registered participants of the Vätternrundan home alternatives, this can be found on My Pages from 10th August. The start card contains information about your race/s including your start number.

Register your event on RaceONE
  1. Download the RaceONE-app and create an account, if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Search for your event in the app and choose “Join race”. To verify that you are registered for the event, you need to enter your Vätternrundan customer number (as race code) and your start number.
  3. Choose if you wish to ride your event live with the RaceONE-app or if you wish to upload it later from your cycling computer or training app afterwards.
  4. You decide when and where you complete your event during the period 13th August-5th September.
  5. Your result must be registered no later than 23:59 on 5th September.

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Q & A (Question & Answer)

How much is the start fee for the ride from home event?

500 SEK, regardless of the distance.

Where can I register for the home event?

Registration will open on July 1st for the home event on My Pages.

Can I stop my time and split up the event during the day?

No, you cannot stop your time. It will continue to count just as it would do when you make a ”depot stop” during the regular event.

Why can I not ride the Home event during the original dates in June?

We wish to give all participants equal opportunities and conditions in these extraordinary times. Due to this, the timing and finishing for the Home Events are to take place as close as possible to the Bike Week’s ordinary events in Motala.

Kan jag tillgodoräkna mitt hemmalopp i En Svensk Klassiker?

Ja, men på diplomet kommer det ej anges någon totaltid och loppets namn kommer inledas med texten Min – Min Vätternrundan 315 km, Min Halvvättern 150 km o.s.v.

Kan jag tillgodoräkna mitt hemmalopp i Superklassikern?

Nej, för att kunna registrera en Superklassiker behöver du genomföra loppet på plats under Cykelveckan (2-5 september).

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