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Amidst beautiful scenery we invite you to the world’s largest bike challenge

The world’s largest recreational bike ride, Vätternrundan, is truly an experience. The 315kms around lake Vättern is a real test for the many participants that annually gather in Motala for the bike festivities. The event takes place in June and is a part of the Swedish Classic!

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June 18-19 | World’s largest recreational bike challenge!

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Vätternrundan 100 km


June 12 | The event where electric bikes are allowed.

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June 13 | A fun and challenging ride in beautiful environments.

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June 11 | A versatile MTB ride in different distances. From 8 years and up.

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June 12 | A bike ride just for the ladies. Ride solo or bring all the girls!

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June 14 | Surely the kids must have their special day in the bike fest.

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News (Swedish only)

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  • (Svenska) Hyperice blir ny officiell partner till Vätternrundan

    18 February 2021
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  • (Svenska) Wahoo blir ny officiell partner till Vätternrundan

    15 February 2021
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  • Vätternrundan is counting on going ahead in 2021

    9 February 2021
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  • (Svenska) Guided Heroes ny officiell leverantör till Vätternrundan

    5 January 2021
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  • (Svenska) Vätternrundan släpper film om siste pionjären – premiär på juldagen

    24 December 2020
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  • (Svenska) Oskar Sundblad ny vd för Vätternrundan

    9 December 2020
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  • (Svenska) VD sökes till Vätternrundan

    9 October 2020
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  • Vätternrundan prepares for 2021

    28 September 2020
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Vätternrundan would never be what it is today if it wasn't for our fantastic partners who share our passion for the sport of cycling.