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About us

The organization

Vätternrundan with start and finish in Motala is with its 300 km the world’s largest recreational bike ride and is a part of the Swedish Classic. With Halvvättern, Tjejvättern, Vätternrundan 100 km, MTB-Vättern and Minivättern the rides has around 36 000 registered riders. Five of the world’s most prominent bike rides, together with Vätternrundan, is a part of WACE (World Association of Cycling Events). As a result of MAIFs, numerous organizations and over 4000 volunteers work Vätternrundan give back annually ten million Swedish crowns to the organizations.

How it all began

On Tuesday the 22nd of August 1964 the professor and doctor Sten-Otto Liljedahl (from Motala) entered the bike store belonging to the Rydell brothers. He told Ewert Rydell about his plans on taking a trip around Lake Vättern on bike!

Two days later the two headed out. The weather was miserable with rain and wind. After 22 and a half hour they had completed their goal. Happy but very, very tired. The next year they did another test round but this time with four others; Jan Törnell, Erik Forssén, Kurt and Keith Kling.

During the Christmas of 1965 Sten-Otto sends a Christmas card to Ewert with an appeal to get Vätternrundan going. This and a whole lot of other contacts was successful and six months later Vätternrundan is reality.


Vätternrundan has always worked for a sustainable development from the three point of views; social-, ecologic- and economic sustainability. The bike is a symbol for enviornmental awarness, physical activity and health. We want to inspire to a sustainable way of life and lead the progress. Vätternrundan also has an ISO certification! Read more on the page Sustainability!


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Our partners

Vätternrundan would never be what it is today if it wasn't for our fantastic partners who share our passion for the sport of cycling.