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To be a volunteer

Vätternrundan doesn’t work with individual volunteers, we contract organizations and associations.

We have contracts with about 80 organizations, mostly within sports but also other voluntary organizations.

Roughly 4000 volunteers work with us during our events.

Each year we get more and more request from organizations who wants to participate as volunteers during the summers biggest happening; the bike fest in Motala.

We love it! To be a volunteer during our events can mean a lot of things. It means responsibility and commitment, patience, knowledge, comradery, laughs, happiness and fellowship. For some of you it means early morning, for others late nights and for some it can be a bit of both. We do know that for most of you it mean a huge possibility to be part of one of the most highly thought of organizations and events that is imbued with summer, sun, friendship and loads and loads of bikes and cyclists. As a volunteer you will be part of this 50 year old tradition!

Our partners

Vätternrundan would never be what it is today if it wasn't for our fantastic partners who share our passion for the sport of cycling.