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The versatile race

20% discount on the entry fee until June 30th

Welcome to MTB-Vättern, the 6th of June 2025

One of Sweden’s by far, largest MTB events that offers outstanding views along the Göta Canal and the shores of Lake Vättern. As a participant you can count on a great variety along the route. Fast tarmac roads interspersed with forest paths, tough slopes and more technical cycling on paths.

One name – two distances

MTB-Vättern is an entrance race with two distances – 50 km and 25 km. Both distances requires rather effortless biking and everyone from 8 years of age has the possibility to participate in this recreational race.

First start

First start in MTB-Vättern 2024 is 8.00 a.m.

Pace groups – Long distance 50 km

In MTB- Vättern we use pace groups on the long distance (50 km).

Pace groups classifications will be used so that you as a participant will fit into a group that suits your pace, so that we can have less overtakings and higher safety.

When you fill in your registration of interest at My Pages you choose the pace group that fits best into your capacity. N.B you choose pace group based of your own judgement. Please don´t overrate your ability.

Pace Groups

Advanced (estimted race time 1.45-2.10 h)

Your ability: Suits you that are used to be in the front of the race and who are in a very good physical shape and is a technically skilled mountainbike cyclist with extensive experience in cycling in the terrain.

Tough (estimated race time 2.10-2.30 h)

Your ability: Suits you that are holding a high speed, in both open parts and more technical parts of the course.

Medium (estimated race time 2.30-3 h)

Your ability: Suits you that exercise regularly and is used to hold an accurate speed both in the open parts and more technical parts of the course.

Moderate (estimated race time 3 h+)

Your ability: Suits you that recently discovered the charm with MTB and/or would like to bike in a smoother speed.


Course profiles

MTB-Vättern 50 km

Service depots: Dunteberget (19 km), Motala Idrottspark (29 km) och Smedsby (38 km)

MTB-Vättern 25 km

Service depots: Dunteberget (14,4 km)


    1. MTB-Vättern The registration for MTB-Vättern 2025 opens on June 17th.
    2. Create your profile/log in If you don’t have an account, you must create one at My Pages to receive a unique customer id. If you have changed or forgotten which email address you once registered at Vätternrundan, please send an email to and state your birth data and which email address you want us to register. When you have received your login details, you can log on to My Pages.
    3. Registration Is open for everyone from 8 years of age. You will complete your Registraton in direct connect to Registration of interest.
    4. Payment will be made directly after the Registration has been sent.

Joint rules for all events

  • Participation takes place at your own risk!
  • By scanning your start card you are commiting to follow Vätternrundan’s rules.
  • It is every cyclist’s responsibility to ensure that they are personally registered on the start number and chip they have received.
  • After the finish, rest before driving a vehicle.
  • Only bicycles with two wheels are permitted on the course.
  • E-bikes are only allowed in Vätternrundan 100 km.
  • Recumbent bikes are not permitted. Exemption can be given for medical reasons; this requires a doctor’s certificate that specifies that you cannot participate in a Vättern event on a standard bicycle. Please contact our office prior to registering for the event if this is the case.
  • Bar-ends must be plugged.
  • We recommend drop handlebars. Barends are not recommended as they can easily catch and get caught causing accidents.
  • Triathlon, delta or loose bows and all other non-standard handlebars are not permitted.
  • Disc wheels are not permitted.
  • High profile wheels may not be more than 60 millimeters high.
  • Tandem-bikes for max’ two people are permitted. Both riders must be registered for the event and riders must face the same direction that the bike travels in.
  • No private cars or depots are allowed on or around the course during the event. Cars and motorbikes will be visible on the course for sponsor photography. For example: Team Skoda.
  • Cyclists that are not registered for the event are not permitted to cycle with you.
  • An EU EN 1078 approved helmet is to be worn during the entire event and shall be visible to other riders and event volunteers, with the exception of an inflatable collar helmet such as the “Hövding” which is approved during Vättern events.
  • Your start number is to be worn on the chest and the handlebars facing forward during the event. Your chip is to be affixed to your helmet on a smooth, dry surface just above the ear. All other chips must be removed.
  • It is not permitted to use mobile phones whilst cycling. Leave the road if you must use your phone.
  • Please do not photograph any accident scenes that you may happen upon for sharing on social media out of consideration to the affected and their friends and relatives.
  • Music in headphones is not permitted during the event.
  • Please show respect towards all participants and road users.
  • Signs and the volunteers instructions must be followed.
  • It is not permitted to receive any food, liquid or pacing from a vehicle.
  • If you have to make a stop, remove yourself and your bike from the road so as not to be a hindrance and danger to other cyclists, vehicles and yourself.
  • Overtake with care. The roads are open for all traffic.
  • We recommend that cyclists ride no more than two abreast during Vätternrundan’s events so as not to hinder other traffic on the road.
  • Riding in a large group can be dangerous for first time or inexperienced riders. We recommend that you ride at your own pace and not to ride too fast straight from the start.

Additional rules for MTB-Vättern

  • The age requirement is that you will be 8 years old during the same year of participation.
  • Cyclocross bikes and gravel bikes with drop handlebars are allowed.


(Svenska) Mekonomen – toppbanner (kampanjperiod 1, 2024)

Our partners

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