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(Svenska) Klassikeranmälan

Swedish Classic registration takes place at My Pages, March 9 (opens at 09:00) – March 24 (closes 24:00).

Swedish Classic participants who have completed a 2014 ski event in Öppet Spår, Vasaloppet or Engelbrektsloppet and who do not have a starting entry for Vätternrundan 2014 are welcome to register. Prohibited entries will be removed from the registry and an administration fee of 200 SEK will be withdrawn before any refund is repaid.

  • Go into and create your profile at My Pages if you have not already done so.
  • If you have previously participated 
in Vätternrundan, you are already in our registry. A new log in/customer number can be ordered at My Pages. Contact the office with any questions 0141-223290 or
  • You can register after logging in and even prepare groups.
  • Click on My Registrations and choose Vätternrundan and registration alternatives “create new group” or “bicycle yourself”
  • You can also be invited into or join an existing group. Follow the instructions you received via the invitation for registration.
  • Provide the start number and ski event, which are needed to follow through with a Swedish Classic registration.
  • You will get the opportunity to choose starting time intervals in order of preference. There are three colours: green for regular times, orange for the more in demand times and red for the most demanded times.
  • For group registration: remember to check that the group is full before confirming the group. A confirmed group has a starting time and is thus locked, meaning that no one else can join this group!
  • Provide the correct e-mail address (very important!).
  • Provide the number of times you have ridden Vätternrundan to receive the right medal.
  • Check that you have received a confirmation e-mail, which was sent after your registration went through.
  • Payment is done at My Pages. (Note! Payment must take place within five days for your registration to be eligible.)
  • State is you wish Startklar-insurance (recommended).
  • We are not responsible if you have forgotten Startklar insurance.
  • If you already have an interest registration at My Pages, it’s important to check it before confirming your registration.
  • Is the chosen starting time interval still correct? If not you have to re-do your registration from scratch.
  • Have you previously registered your interest as a group? Check that all members of the group will register via the Swedish Classic quota. If not you should remove yourself from the group and re-do the registration so that the others in the group remain in the waiting list.

Våra partners

Vätternrundan skulle aldrig vara vad det är idag om det inte vore för våra fantastiska partners som delar vår passion för cykelsporten