Massage & first aid

First aid & massage

First aid/Health care at every rest stop


Qualified first aid personnel is located at the rest stops and in Motala Folkets Hus during all the events. First aid personnel can also be found at Zederslundsskolan (Zederslund’s school) during Vätternrundan. They can offer minor treatment and write “medical certificate” before start.

Vätternrundan do not provide medicines, if you think you’ll be needing any kind of medicine – please bring it yourself.

Advice can be given via the county council at phone number 1177.



The massage is free during the events

If you during your ride around Vättern get muscle cramps, neck pain, tense shoulders etc., masseurs will be there to help in every service depot. They offer you a free short drop-in treatment which focus specifically on your problem. After the finish you will also be offered massages in Motala Folkets Hus. During Vätternrundan this is also offered in Zederslundsskolan and Sporthallen.

It is also possible to get massage before the start, in Motala Folkets Hus, but at a subsidized cost. On Friday, the price for 30 minutes of treatment is 350 SEK.

The Swedish Association of bodytherapist (KrY) provides this service at the rest stops, at the finish (all events) and at Zederslundsskolan and at the Sporthallen (only Vätternrundan) in Motala in co-operation with Vätternrundan. KrY also offers a muscle preparation programme at the start area.

Our partners

Vätternrundan would never be what it is today if it wasn't for our fantastic partners who share our passion for the sport of cycling.