In a sustainable direction!

For a long time Vätternrundan has been working for a sustainable development from three aspects; social sustainability, ecological sustainability and economic sustainability. It is natural for us since the bicycle is a symbol for environmental awareness, physical activity and health. We want to inspire to a sustainable lifestyle and to be a role model.

Certified by ISO 20121

Before the ride of 2013 we, as the first sports event in Sweden, became certified according to ISO 20121; standard for sustainability for events. This means that we have created a better systematics for constant improvement of our work with sustainability. For example clear priorities and goals, allocated responsibilities, education and follow ups. The certification is an acknowledgment that we strive to be in the front edge and to our commitment to the society.

Some of our most important sustainability issues is to contribute financially to the local sports clubs and organizations, lower the environmental impact from products and logistics, to constantly improve the security for participants, volunteers and motorists and to engage the participants to minimize the littering around the lake. Below you can read about some of our work for a sustainable development.

An important role in the local community

Since 1966 Vätternrundan has been arranged for and by local organizations.  Every year several millions are divided among the organizations that contribute with voluntary efforts during the events. For some of the organizations the proceeds from the event is their main source of income, for others it is an activity that provides extra money.

Vätternrundan is also important for Motalas economy. According to a survey made by TUI 2008 the event contributed with about 42 million SEK.  A new survey was made during 2013 that showed that the figure had risen to 65 million SEK.

Sponsor for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation has a great involvement in society and Vätternrundan is a part of their development.

Our partners

Vätternrundan would never be what it is today if it wasn't for our fantastic partners who share our passion for the sport of cycling.