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Vätternrundan becomes even safer

8 May

Vätternrundan’s work to reduce traffic along the course is ongoing and got a positive response the other day.

The request that Vätternrundan sent to the county administrative board has been granted. This will result in the 30 km car-free stretches from 2013 being extended to ca. 80 km in 2014. The stretch between Ödeshög and Gränna on the east side of Lake Vättern was car-free last year. This year, the stretch of road increases to include Motala to Ödeshög, meaning that the entire way from the start in Motala to Gränna will be car-free. On the west side of the lake, the side road from road 195 to Norra Fågelås is affected. In total, approximately 80 of the 300 km will be car-free (almost 27 per cent of the route).

– We are working hard and purposefully with the Swedish Transport Administration concerning this area, and last year’s 30 km was a major success. That we can increase the distance of car-free road in one year to approximately 50 km is a very positive development, says Vätternrundan’s CEO, Eva-Lena Frick.

But of course Vätternrundan is working even further to attain its long-tern objective of 100 per cent. The aim for the anniversary year in 2015 is to reach ca. 50 per cent car-free.

*Car-free is equal to a ban on motorised vehicles. With the exception of service, emergency and resident traffic.

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