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New route for Vätternrundan

Vätternrundan have made changes to the route in order to increase safety.
On Thursday Vätternrundan agreed on the changes to be made to the last section of the ride. This means that as of 2020 Vätternrundan will now be 315kms long. Approximately 15kms longer than before.

For a long time Vätternrundan have considered changing sections of the course North of Vättern. There were a number of narrow and heavily trafficated passages that Vätternrundan felt needed addressing for reasons of safety.

”We are constantly striving to raise the experience of our events, not least by making them safe and more secure.” Gunilla Brynell-Johansson goes on to say. ”We sent out an extra survey to our participants after this year’s ride and the response we received only strengthened our findings in that we need to do something about the section of the ride after Hammarsundet, a section that many feel unsafe riding on.”

After extensive research of several alternatives the board of Vätternrundan decided on Thursday to change part of the course covering the last part of the ride. Instead of following the heavily trafficated Highway 50, cyclists will now as of 2020, ride through Askersund and on to Motala via Åmmeberg, Zinkgruvan and Godegård.

”We have test-ridden, gone through the statistics and studied every intersection in order to build a sound basis for our decision”, informs Gunilla Brynell-Johansson. On average, 770 vehicles daily use the new roads we have chosen every year as opposed to 6000 on the current route. That gives a good indication towards increased safety. Plus, the new route is extremely picturesque.

“Of course there are disadvantages. Not least losing the epic ride over Hammarsundet. We tried to find an alternative route in order to turn off from Highway 50 a little later into the ride but there was no safe way of resolving this.”

This means that the new route for Vätternrundan will from 2020 be 315kms long. Approximately 15kms longer that today. In other words, an even bigger challenge.

“Vätternrundan is a long ride and we fully understand that some participants will feel that 15kms extra is a lot, says Gunilla Brynell-Johansson. But at the same time, both we and the cyclists wish for as safe a ride as possible.”

“We believe this change will entice many cyclists back to Vätternrundan, those who have probably refrained from taking part due to safety issues.”

Vätternrundan has decided on the new route together with the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket). The suggestion now moves on to County Administration for final approval.

Rgistration dates for Vätternrundan 2020

25th of November: Registration of interest for Vätternrundan closes
27th of November: The main registration for Vätternrundan opens at 7 p.m.

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