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This is how we improve the Bike week for 2024

18 June

UPDATED: 2023-08-22

The grand cycling celebration of the year has just concluded. But even now, we can present a number of news updates for the Bike week 2024 that will make the festive atmosphere even greater.

“We always aim to improve our events, and with these changes, we hope that more people can experience both our races and the magical atmosphere in Motala,” says Oskar Sundblad, CEO of Vätternrundan.

The biggest changes will take place during the first race weekend. MTB-Vättern will move from Friday to Sunday, along with the inclusion of Minivättern and the “Skoj med hoj” activities. This, in turn, means that Halvvättern will switch from Sunday to Saturday, taking place on the same day as Tjejvättern and Vätternrundan 100 km.

“We want to make the arrangements as good as possible. Having all the races on the weekend allows us to offer them to more participants,” says Oskar Sundblad.

Since MTB-Vättern returned to the race schedule in 2016, it has taken place on Fridays, serving as the kickoff for the Bike week. However, this has mostly attracted local participants, just like Minivättern and Skoj med hoj on Mondays.

“We have listened to our participants, and with this change, more people will have the opportunity to participate. More people also create an even bigger festive atmosphere, just like it will be on Saturday when we bring together three races culminating in a grand after-bike party in the evening.

“Even though the mountain bike race moves to the weekend, Motala will still be buzzing with excitement on Friday, June 7. That’s when the Bike week will be inaugurated, and Oskar Sundblad hopes it will attract crowds of people to the city center.

“We don’t want to reveal everything yet, but we can promise that it will be fantastic and a real celebration.”

During the second weekend, when the highlight of the Bike week, Vätternrundan 315 km, is held, there are no changes. It will be cycled as usual on Friday and Saturday.

Basic information about the Bike week 2024


  • Registration for MTB-Vättern 25/50 km, Tjejvättern 100 km, Vätternrundan 100 km, and Halvvättern 150 km opens on September 1.
  • On September 1, the first of two registration stages for Vätternrundan 315 km also opens and closes on October 23. Two days later, on October 25 at 19:00, the second and final registration stage – the main registration – opens.

Friday, June 7 – The Bike week inauguration.
Saturday, June 8 – Tjejvättern** (start time 07:30), Halvvättern** (start time 10:00), Vätternrundan 100 km** (start time 13:00).
Sunday, June 9 – MTB-Vättern (start time 09:00), Minivättern 17:00 (but Skoj med hoj activities start as early as 12:00).
Friday, June 14 – Saturday, June 15 – Vätternrundan 315 km (same as before).

** The race will also be able to be completed at home if, for example, you want to finish with multiple En Svensk Klassiker (Halva/Tjej/Korta). Registration for the home races opens in January 2024.


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