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Vätternrundan prepares for 2021

28 September

PUBLISHED: 2020-09-28
Preparations for 2021’s Vätternrundan are well on the way. At this moment in time it is not quite clear exactly how it will transpire but the Bike Week’s events will be going ahead.

For the tens of thousands of cyclists that signed up for one of Vätternrundan’s events during the Bike Week, the summer of 2020 didn’t pan out as expected. Yet despite the events not taking place with start and finish in Motala, it was still a magical week of cycling.

– Almost six thousand cyclists completed ”My Vätternrundan” on home turf, says Marketing Manager Oscar Sundblad. Social media was flooded with pictures from all over the world and we were overwhelmed with the response of the cycling community’s love for all things cycling.

Now the whole Vätternrundan team is preparing for next year and despite the uncertainty surrounding possible restrictions, one thing is sure; there will be an event.

– At present we have no way of knowing just how we will implement Vätternrundan’s events in 2021 but they will take place. Perhaps not in the way we have become accustomed to expect but we are weighing up all the possibilities in order to adjust the Bike Week accordingly. It will happen.

We want to give you the time needed in order to fully understand what it is you are registering for. To this end we are delaying the dates for registration and payment. This means that the registration of interest for Vätternrundan 315 km closes on 18th January 2021, which is also the last day for registering to a pre-booked group. The main registration for Vätternrundan 315 km will open two days later, on 20th January. The last day to pay the rest of your start fee for those that moved their start time in any of Vätternrundan’s events from 2020 to 2021 is the 27th of January. See all the dates in our calendar.

– Don’t stop pedalling, says Oscar Sundblad. Autumn is beautiful, spring is soon here and the goal remains the same. There will be a week of cycling in Motala in 2021. See you there.

UPDATED: 2020-12-09

The last date for payment is moved back again

The uncertainty caused by the current pandemic affects us all and we want to give you additional time in which to pay the entry fee for our events.

The last date for payment will be March 1st unless otherwise announced before then. This date applies regardless of if you have to pay the remainder of the start fee due, because you chose to keep 2020’s start time, or because you are re-registering for Vätternrundan’s events.

If for example, you were to register today, or when Vätternrundan’s main registration opens on January 20th, payment must still be made by March 1st.


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