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Vätternrundan 2020 cancelled

2 April

Vätternrundan 2020 cancelled. Vätternrundan’s decision is now final after the Board have considered all possible alternatives.
– An extremely tough decision, says Vätternrundan’s CEO Gunilla Brynell-Johansson. But the way things stand today we see no possibility to move forward and plan the event.

The spread of COVID-19 has had enormous consequences for society as a whole. Sweden and many other countries find themselves in an extremely precarious situation and at present no one can forsee when this will ease. With this in mind, on April 2nd, Vätternrundan’s board decided to cancel Vätternrundan aswell as the other events they arrange during the Bike Week in Motala..

– We are facing a situation that no one can predict the outcome of right now, says Gunilla Brynell-Johansson. The uncertainty as to when life can start to return to normal again is high.

– In view of this situation we have to take our responsibility and give our decision. We understand that there is no possibility for us to move forward and plan for this year’s Vätternrundan. There is a critical point in time where we must make that decision and unfortunately that time is now.

During the last few weeks Vätternrundan’s board have been weighing up all possibilities, including moving the events to later in the year. However, Vätternrundan is a massive event and many plans must be laid down way in advance. Which means that it is highly unlikely that it would be possible to implement the event later in the year.

– This is one of the factors that has led us to conclude that our only alternative is to cancel this year’s events. Our participants and our partners are entitled to know our decision so that they too can rearrange their plans, says Gunilla Brynell-Johansson.

Many of those signed up for Vätternrundan are in the middle of completing a ’Svensk Klassiker’, and our message to them is that next years Vätternrundan will count for your current ’Svensk Klassiker’. Vätternrundan will continue to support and encourage all the registered cyclists to keep on with their training, based of course on the continuous recommendations given by the Swedish Public Health Authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten).

– We shall continue to work hard via all our channels available, including social media, to encourage all cyclists in different ways, says Gunilla Brynell-Johansson. Exercise is of extreme importance for our health, as long as we can manage it in a responsible manner and without contributing to the spread of COVID-19.

– It feels incredibly hard to have been forced to make such a decision but now we can fully focus on making next year’s event the best ever and we hope that all our cyclists and partners will endeavour to join us in that pursuit.


UPDATED: 2020-04-08

Can I get my start fee refunded?

In cases of a cancelled event due to extraordinary circumstance (force majeure) we will refund 50 % of your start fee.

What do you do with the remaining portion of the start fee you retain?

Vätternrundan is owned 100 % by the non-profit organisation Motala AIF. Organising a mass event such as Vätternrundan requires much preparation. Up untill this point in time we have already come a long way in these preparations. The remaining 50 % is needed in order to cover costs already incurred running the organisation and also to deliver an event again next year.

Here you can see how the monies from start fees are allocated.

Safety/Insurance, 8,3%: Traffic safety, insurance for participants and officials.

Marketing, 8,5%: Marketing channels, trade fairs, the magazine ’Cykla’.

Costs, 11,2%: Licence fees, food, drink, number bibs, medals.

Organisation, 18,4%, Personnel costs, other fees.

Back to sport, 22,3%: Compensation for personnels assignments.

Other external costs, 31,3%: Rent, material, vehicles, IT.

When can I expect my refund?

At the latest in May. We will refund 50 %* of the entry fee to all participants. More infomation concering refunds will be sent out to registered participants via e-mail on April 6th.

* We know that there are participants that want to support the event and donate their entire start fee. This will be a possible alternative. Make your choice at My Pages April 20th-30th.

I paid by invoice. How do I get the groups monies back?

Vätternrundan will contact you about the refund.

I received my start as a gift card. How I do I or the gift donor get the money back?

We will refund the gift card donor 50 %.

Do I as a participant need to do anything in order to instigate a refund?

No, we will take care of the refund. All you will need to do is to check that you have received your monies back by the end of May to the account/card from which the payment was originally made.

Why not postpone the event to later in the year?

Vätternrundan is a huge event that requires extensive preparation. Currently no one can forsee how long our society will be affected by covid-19.The uncertainty this creates and the ramp-up needed for an event such as Vätternrundan means that we do not have the possibility to postpone the event till later in the year.

I purchased Folksams event insurance base/large via My Pages. Can I get my monies back?

This insurance is valid for accidents and illness that prevent your starting the event.
For questions please contact Folksam directly on +46 771-950 950.

I am currently in the middle of my ’Svensk Klassiker’. What happens now?

If you started your ’Svensk klassiker’ before Vätternrundan 2020 and have already completed one of the races in Wasaloppets Winter Week, you will be able to count your respective cycling event in 2021 to your current ’klassiker’.

I am currently participating in a ’Swedish klassiker’ and intend to follow that up with another next year, how will that work for me as regards to the cycling?

In this very special circumstance, the cycling events during Vätternrundan 2021 will be included in the ’Svensk klassiker’ for both 2020 and 2021.

I puchased the ’Klassiker’ package. What happens now?

Your cycle start will be moved to 2021.

I am currently on my way to achieving a ’Superklassiker’ what should I do now?

The bike event during Bike Week 2021 will in this very special case count in a ’Svensk Klassiker’ for both 2020 and 2021.

I have book accommodation via the Vätternrundan booking service, will I get the money back?

Yes, anyone that has booked accommodation via the Vätternrundan booking service for group accommodation will receive a refund for the entire amount.

I have booked accommodation via Svecia Travels, will I get my money back?

Questions regarding bookings made via Svecia Travels are referred directly to Svecia Travels.


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