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The main registration for Vätternrundan moved back

15 October

The main registration for Vätternrundan 300kms has been pushed back one month and will now open the 27th of November. “We are currently looking at changing large sections of the course,” informs Vätternrundan’s CEO Gunilla Brynell-Johansson. “Before we can open the main registration we have to be able to give participants an overall picture of the race they are applying to take part in.”

For a long time Vätternrundan has considered changing sections of the course North of Vättern. There are narrow passages that many participants feel need to be looked at.

”We are constantly striving to raise the experience of our events, not least by making them safe and more secure.” Gunilla Brynell-Johansson goes on to say. ”We sent out an extra survey to our participant after this year’s ride and the response we received only strengthend our findings that we need to do something about the section of the ride after Hammarsundet.”

A planned extensive rebuild of Highway 50 has also increased the need to find another route for this part of the course. Therefore, Vätternrundan has during the summer been working closely with the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) looking at alternatives.

“We have found several different alternatives from the laborious work laid down by all involved.”Says Gunilla. “We need to think through and test-ride every meter of the way.
We are looking at crossings and discussing where and how the depots should be best placed. There are many parameters to take into consideration before we can make a final decision.

This is why we need to push back the opening date for the main registration to Vätternrundan 300kms until the 27th of November. By then we are counting on having a good basis for a decision concerning the course, if there will be any change and how that will look.

“Change is a normal part of our job and it’s not always the case that we have all the details at hand when the main registration is due to open. We believe however that this change can be perceived as quite extensive as we are discussing lengthening the route. This is why we want to give our participants and honest picture of the event they are planning to participate in before we open the main registration.

Everything we are doing is for one reason; to give our participants a safer, more secure and more outstanding event.”

Rgistration dates for Vätternrundan 2020

25th of November: Registration of interest for Vätternrundan 300 km closes
27th of November: The main registration for Vätternrundan 300 km opens at 7 p.m.

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