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3 November

No matter if you go to My Pages or on the 4th of November. At 7 pm you will be redirected to a temporary registration site. On that site there will be a field to enter you registration code (12 digits), a button to send your code and one to fetch your registration code if you haven’t got it ready before. If you have to fetch your code you will be prompted to enter your date of birth and your e-mail address so we can send the code to you.

However, we strongly recommend you to get the code at My Pages before 12 am on the 4thwhen we shut down My Pages until 9 am on the 5th of November.

On the registration day you shall paste your registration code and send it as soon as possible. If you will be assigned an entry you will receive an e-mail within 24h that will prompt you to pay for your entry within 5 work days to confirm your entry. If you don’t your entry will go to the waiting list.  If you are unlucky enough to not be assigned with an entry you will be placed in the waiting list and will not receive an e-mail. If any entries go back to the system we will assign them from the top of the waiting list.

Get your registration code before 12 am on the 4th of November.

YOU MUST have a registration code ready on the 4th of November unless you’re a part of a group and your group leader or somebody else has promised to register the group.

You get your registration code at My Pages by making a registration of interest before 12 am on the 4th when we shut down My Pages.

If you have forgotten your login information to My Pages or if you are uncertain if you are registered in our system you can call us at +46 141 22 32 90 to get your login information sent to you!


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