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Registration for 2015


Nästa år går den 50:e Vätternrundan i ordningen. Så hur gör du för att anmäla dig?

24 October

Registration for Vätternrundan 50 years

In 2015 the 50th Vätternrundan takes place and the registration of interest for Vätternrundan 2015 is open now at My Pages. As usual you have to have an account at Vätternrundan. If you don’t remember your log-in information, contact us at +46 141 22 32 90.

When you’re logged in you get to decide if you want to ride solo, create a group or join an existing group. When you create a group, the group gets a registration code which you can distribute to future members of the group. They then go to My Pages and selects to ride in a group and enter the group’s registration code.

After that you’ll just have to wait for the 4th of November, 7 pm when the full registration opens. The entries are very sought after so you have to be on your toes. On the registration day you go to and paste your/the group’s registration code. If you get an entry you will receive an email within 24 hours that tells you to pay your/the group’s entries within 5 work days to confirm your entries.

All unpaid entries will be returned into the waiting list.

In Tjejvättern and Halvvättern you go through the same steps but instead of waiting for the 4th of November you can register and pay at the same time. The registration for Tjejvättern opens on the 9th of September at 9 am, and for Halvvättern the 10th of September at 9 am.


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Our partners

Vätternrundan would never be what it is today if it wasn't for our fantastic partners who share our passion for the sport of cycling.