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The races are growing!

5 February

Tjejvättern grows!
There is no doubt that the ride is growing in popularity. According to this year’s numbers, Tjejvättern will be a record ride. At this point we have a lot more registered participants than previous years. And they just keep coming. There are still places left, but don’t wait. Read more about Tjejvättern here.

Vätterntriathlon grows!
The number of contestants in Vätterntriathlon is also growing. If you’d like to set the bar high and push yourself to the limit, Vätterntriathlon long distance is for you. It’s open for amateurs as well as pros. Read more here!

Halvvättern grows!
In Halvvättern, the growth is even bigger. If you wish for a certain starting time, don’t wait any longer. Even if the ride is not yet fully booked, the trend is pointing towards it. Read more here!

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