SUB 9-group

Since there are about 1 000 fast riding cyclists completing Vätternrundan in 9 hours or less (named SUB 9-group), we give the opportunity to those cyclists to pre-book their start spots. Please notice that this kind of group must contain a minimum of 0 riders per group and that the registration is based on a first come first served principle. We have room for approx. 20 start groups with a starting time between 11.30 am -12.30 p.m. on Saturday.

The final start in the regular field is around 6.20 am, Saturday morning.

The reason we have opened up the possibility for fast groups to start at noon on Saturday is that we want to reduce the number of overtaking, from a security point of view. A later start means that the fast groups will not overtake other cyclists until they reach the west side of Lake Vättern, moreover a larger amount of participants in the regular start field has reached the finish.

Who can take part?

All cyclists riding Vätternrundan in 9 hours or less and are pre-booked in a group of at least 10 participants.

Can I change start group / start time later on?

You can change your start time in Motala, provided there is room in another start group. The cost for this is 200 SEK.

What service will be provided?

On the east side of Vättern there are service cars patrolling the course in case someone need to cancel the race. There will also be a mobile bicycle repair service and first aid support. The regular aid stations and services will not be available for the SUB 9-groups until they reach the regular starting field. There are though two aid stations for the SUB 9-groups located in Bankeryd after about 110 km and in Karlsborg after about 210 km. The person who will provide his/her team with own food and drink must as far as possible choose alternative roads to reach those sites. Vätternrundan will  provide the stations with energy drink, water, bananas and buns.

When are the cut-off times 2024?

Ödeshög: 14:00
Ölmstad: 15:00
Jönköping: 15:45
Fagerhult: 16:45
Hjo: 17:45
Karlsborg: 19:00
Boviken: 20:00
Finish: 24:00 (midnight)

How fast can we cycle and what will the traffic be like?

The fast start groups are still part of the traditional Vätternrundan, which is a recreational ride. There will be regular car traffic. You must follow the road traffic regulations and the instructions of the course marshals. Please notice that the SUB 9-groups will catch up with cyclists starting late in the regular start field in the end of the course. It is very important to act friendly and with a sporting behaviour when passing slower cyclists.

What applies for the SUB 9-groups in Motala?

In Motala you pick up your bib number at the Expo area. After the finish you receive your medal, just like all the other cyclists.

Our partners

Vätternrundan would never be what it is today if it wasn't for our fantastic partners who share our passion for the sport of cycling.