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Vätternrundan goes on 315 kms of public road. Therefor it is crucial that the rules are followed

Joint rules for all events

  • Participation takes place at your own risk!
  • By scanning your card you are commiting to follow Vätternrundan’s rules.
  • It is every cyclist’s responsibility to ensure that they are personally registered on the start number and chip they have received.
  • After the finish, rest before driving a vehicle.
  • Only bicycles with two wheels are permitted on the course.
  • So-called Tall bikes are not permitted.
  • Bicycle carts are not permitted.
  • Recumbent bikes are not permitted. Exemption can be given for medical reasons; this requires a doctor’s certificate that specifies that you cannot participate in a Vättern event on a standard bicycle. Please contact our office prior to registering for the event if this is the case.
  • Bar-ends must be plugged.
  • We recommend drop handlebars. Barends are not recommended as they can easily catch and get caught causing accidents.
  • Triathlon, delta or loose bows and all other non-standard handlebars are not permitted.
  • Disc wheels are not permitted.
  • High profile wheels may not be more than 60 millimeters high.
  • Tandem-bikes for max’ two people are permitted. Both riders must be registered for the event and riders must face the same direction that the bike travels in.
  • No private cars or depots are allowed on or around the course during the event. Cars and motorbikes will be visible on the course for sponsor photography. For example: Team Skoda.
  • Cyclists that are not registered for the event are not permitted to cycle with you.
  • An EU EN 1078 approved helmet is to be worn during the entire event and shall be visible to other riders and event volunteers, with the exception of an inflatable collar helmet such as the “Hövding” which is approved during Vättern events.
  • Your start number is to be worn on the chest and the handlebars facing forward during the event. Your chip is to be affixed to your helmet on a smooth, dry surface just above the ear. All other chips must be removed.
  • It is not permitted to use mobile phones whilst cycling. Leave the road if you must use your phone.
  • Please do not photograph any accident scenes that you may happen upon for sharing on social media out of consideration to the affected and their friends and relatives.
  • Music in headphones is not permitted during the event.
  • Please show respect towards all participants and road users.
  • Signs and the volunteers instructions must be followed.
  • It is not permitted to receive any food, liquid or pacing from a vehicle.
  • If you have to make a stop, remove yourself and your bike from the road so as not to be a hindrance and danger to other cyclists, vehicles and yourself.
  • Overtake with care. The roads are open for all traffic.
  • We recommend that cyclists ride no more than two abreast during Vätternrundan’s events so as not to hinder other traffic on the road.
  • Riding in a large group can be dangerous for first time or inexperienced riders. We recommend that you ride at your own pace and not to ride too fast straight from the start.

Additional rules for Vätternrundan 315 km

  • The age requirement is that you will be 18 years old during the same year of participation.
  • Working lights front and back as well as approved reflectors must be use if you start between the hours of 19:30 and 03:00. N.b. This also applies for Saturday evening.
  • You must rest at least six (6) hours after finishing before driving a vehicle according to the Swedish Traffic Law 1998:1276.


Note that littering is prohibited under Swedish law. Do not throw trash along the beautiful course. Bring it with you to the nearest depot service or littering zone found at several locations along the course. Thank you for helping us help the environment.

Cut off times

The Jönköping depot service closes at 11.30 am Saturday, the Hjo depot service at 4.00 pm and the finish in Motala at midnight. If you cannot make these times you will be asked to leave the course and transport will be provided if necessary. Cyclists in the last start groups should take note of these times. Late starts will also need lights if finishing late on Saturday.


Vätternrundan reserves the right to use any photographs (and video) of participants in their marketing. If you think you might appear on a picture and do not wish this to be officially, please contact us on +46 141 22 32 90 and we will help.


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Our partners

Vätternrundan would never be what it is today if it wasn't for our fantastic partners who share our passion for the sport of cycling.