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Vätternrundan is counting on going ahead in 2021

Following the recent positive information regarding outdoor activities issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the staff at Vätternrundan are working hard to arrange their events infection-safe between 11th – 19th June.
– Should it transpire that it will not be possible to hold the events in June, we have also a date in reserve in September, says Gunilla Brynell-Johansson, CEO for Vätternrundan.

In a report to the Government in mid-January, the Public Health Agency of Sweden proposed that outdoor events over unbounded areas should be exempt from participant restrictions; on the condition that the spread of infection decreases and that the organiser can ensure that congestion can be avoided.

It was a positive message, says Gunilla Brynell-Johansson. The report, and the new pandemic law, allow for a greater diversity of different events. Based on that message, our plan is to go ahead with the Bike Week between June 11th–19th finishing with Vätternrundan 315 km on 18th–19th June.

– We are humble in the knowledge that there are many factors that are beyond our control. Our participants, volunteers and partners are our first priority and it is paramount that we adapt the events in compliance with the situation at hand.

With an arena that stretches for tens of miles, congestion on the roads is not a major problem. What we are planning for is above all adjustments at the start, finish and depots. For example; it will be about limiting the time you as a participant can be in the start area before the start, affecting and securing an infection-safe flow in the depots and to adapt the finish-zone so as to avoid congestion.

– We are working hard with guidelines and protocols to secure the events, says Oskar Sundblad, marketing manager for Vätternrundan. We are studying everything, from the simple things such as informing participants to lead their bikes with their right hand and thereby create a natural distance, to major changes at the finish where we can guide the cyclists on different paths when they have completed the event. The Bike Week will not look the same as in previous years but it will take place.

At Vätternrundan we are collaborating with other major events in Sweden, both in dialogue with the Public Health Agency and also by working with infection-control measures in the form of protocols and routines. In addition we are also in close dialogue with the regional infection control unit.

– We feel safe with the contacts we have forged and the input we are receiving from both the Public Health Agency and the infection-control unit in Region Östergötland, even though they currently cannot give any definite information about what will happen in June, says Gunilla Brynell-Johansson.

The reserve plan – To arrange the events in September
Should it prove impossible to arrange the Bike Week in June as planned, we have a back-up plan in place. The alternative would then be move the events to 2nd–5th September.
In which case: MTB-Vättern will run on 2nd September, Vätternrundan 315 km on 3rd–4th September, Halvvättern, Tjejvättern and Vätternrundan 100 km on 5th September.

– We are committed to arranging the Bike Week in June and that is what we working toward, says Oskar Sundblad. That said, we have also gone through the alternatives and have come to the conclusion that it would also work to arrange the events in September in a beneficial way for all involved. We continue to work with June as our first alternative.

– If new developments arise that effect the planned vaccination and the spread of infection, then we would expect to announce the move of events by mid-April.

Last day for payment moved to 15th April

The uncertainty caused by the current pandemic affects us all and we want to give you additional time in which to pay the entry fee for our events.

The last day for payment will be 15th April. This date applies regardless of whether you have an assigned but unpaid /partially paid starting place, or if you re-register for one of the Vätternrundan events. > Vätternrundan

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(Svenska) Oskar Sundblad ny vd för Vätternrundan

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(Svenska) VD sökes till Vätternrundan

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Information about COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Vätternrundan are working intensively with the situation surrounding COVID-19.
– There is a critical point at which we will have to decide wether the events can take place or not, says Gunilla Brynell-Johansson, CEO for Vätternrundan. As it looks right now we are expecting to be able to notify our participants on April 6th.

The week will attract approximately 36 000 participants, requiring several thousand volunteers and a massive infrastructure. This means that many preparations need to be made at an early stage.

– We are faced with an extremely serious situation and our health is always our main priority. At the same time we do not want to make any rash decisions. Our dilema, along with everyone else, is that no one knows what the future will hold, says Gunilla Brynell-Johansson.

– Over the last few days we have gone through all our activities to see how long we can wait before placing our orders etcetera. It’s about respecting our suppliers and of course our participants; who need to know if the events will take place or if they should cancel their accommodation and travel plans.

The Board of Directors at Vätternrundan had an extra meeting last Monday and will have more frequent meetings in order to discuss developments. As it looks now Vätternrundan will await making a decision during the coming two to three weeks.

– There is a point in time where we will have to decide wether we are to arrange the different cycling events or not, says Gunilla Brynell-Johansson. As it stands today we expect to be able to make public our decision on April 6th.

– At the same time we see how the situation is changing from day to day and as we follow developments we will notify our participants and suppliers with continuous updates.


This text was updated 2020-03-16, 2.30 p.m. CET

You can find more information in English on COVID-19 on the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s website. > Vätternrundan

(Svenska) Oskar Sundblad ny försäljnings- och marknadschef för Vätternrundan

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The main registration for Vätternrundan moved back

The main registration for Vätternrundan 300kms has been pushed back one month and will now open the 27th of November. “We are currently looking at changing large sections of the course,” informs Vätternrundan’s CEO Gunilla Brynell-Johansson. “Before we can open the main registration we have to be able to give participants an overall picture of the race they are applying to take part in.”

For a long time Vätternrundan has considered changing sections of the course North of Vättern. There are narrow passages that many participants feel need to be looked at.

”We are constantly striving to raise the experience of our events, not least by making them safe and more secure.” Gunilla Brynell-Johansson goes on to say. ”We sent out an extra survey to our participant after this year’s ride and the response we received only strengthend our findings that we need to do something about the section of the ride after Hammarsundet.”

A planned extensive rebuild of Highway 50 has also increased the need to find another route for this part of the course. Therefore, Vätternrundan has during the summer been working closely with the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) looking at alternatives.

“We have found several different alternatives from the laborious work laid down by all involved.”Says Gunilla. “We need to think through and test-ride every meter of the way.
We are looking at crossings and discussing where and how the depots should be best placed. There are many parameters to take into consideration before we can make a final decision.

This is why we need to push back the opening date for the main registration to Vätternrundan 300kms until the 27th of November. By then we are counting on having a good basis for a decision concerning the course, if there will be any change and how that will look.

“Change is a normal part of our job and it’s not always the case that we have all the details at hand when the main registration is due to open. We believe however that this change can be perceived as quite extensive as we are discussing lengthening the route. This is why we want to give our participants and honest picture of the event they are planning to participate in before we open the main registration.

Everything we are doing is for one reason; to give our participants a safer, more secure and more outstanding event.”

Rgistration dates for Vätternrundan 2020

25th of November: Registration of interest for Vätternrundan 300 km closes
27th of November: The main registration for Vätternrundan 300 km opens at 7 p.m.

Sign up for the event at My Pages. > Vätternrundan

Registration for Vätternrundan 2020 opens June 17th

In just a few weeks, tens of thousands of cyclists will take on the challenge of Vätternrundan 300 km and the other rides during the big cycling event in Sweden. This year Vätternrundan has good news for all those who want to sign up for a new challenge right after their ride.
”This year we open the registration for next year immediately after the event”, says Ulrika Smith Svenstedt, marketing manager of Vätternrundan.

Up until now, the registration for the Vätternrundan bike rides has opened in September and October, a time of year when cycling isn’t on everyone’s mind. But this year, no one has to wait until autumn to register for the Vätternrundan bike rides. On Monday June 17th, immediately after the Vätternrundan 300 km, the registration and registration of interest open for next year.

”We want to make the most of the euphoria many cyclists feel after the ride. Many of them feel directly after their finish that they want to experience the same feeling again. We want to give them the opportunity to hold on to that feeling and not have to wait until autumn. There are also those accompanying the cyclists or just watching the ride, that get inspired for a challenge. Of course we want to embrace that too.”

“Summer is high season for cycling. To be able to register for our bike events during summer feels natural”, says Ulrika Smith Svenstedt.

From June 17th it will be possible to register for Halvvättern, Tjejvättern, Vätternrundan 100 km and MTB-Vättern för 2020. For Vätternrundan 300 km, and for pre-booked groups, the registration of interest opens the same date.

”A registration of interest for Vätternrundan 300 km is needed to be able to register on October 23rd when the head registration for the ride opens”.


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