Swedish road traffic regulations apply during the event. Vätternrundan also has additional rules that all cyclists must follow in the interest of safety.

  • The minimum age requirement is 18 (this includes those who turn 18 during the current year).
  • Each participant must be registered by name on their start number.
  • Every participant receives two ride numbers, one for the jersey and one for the bike.
  • No private cars or rest stops are allowed on or around the course during the event. This includes all friends, family, colleagues, team mates etc.
  • Cyclists that are not registered to ride the event are not allowed on the course during the event.
  • Photographing will be done along the course and to facilitate the identification of participants, number bib must be attached to the chest and the bike number bib on the handlebar during the entire ride.
  • A safety approved bicycle helmet by European EN 1078 standard must be worn at all times when cycling and shall be placed on top of your head. The helmet must be visible for other riders and volunteers to see. Therefore helmets of inflatable (air bag type) isn’t allowed during Vätternrundans events..
  • Consideration to other road users must be shown during the event.
  • The instructions of the flag marshals must be followed.
  • It is not allowed to use your cell phone (for calls, texts or photographs) when seated on the bike. If you in a case of emergency have to use your phone you must get off your bike and move out of the road to not compromise the safety during the ride. Vätternrundan would like to urge on our participants NOT to photograph any accidents and injuries for sharing in social media with consideration to the concerned and their relatives.
  • You must rest for at least six hours after completing the event before driving anywhere. (see more below).
  • Regular inspections will take place at the start and around the course to ensure that all participants obey these rules at all times. Any cyclist in breech of these rules will be immediately disqualified from the event. Participants agree to follow these rules by signing the start card. To collect a Ride Number you must sign and hand in your start card.

Rules for your bike

  • Recumbent bicycles are generally not allowed. However, dispensation can be applied for prior to entering the event by contacting our office
  • Barends, triathlon, delta, loose bows and all other non-standard handlebars are not permitted.
  • So called HPVs, pedicars, scooters, tricycles or anything similar are not permitted. So called Disc Wheels may not be used.
  • Lights and reflectors must be used from dusk to 03.00. Please note that this rule applies to both Friday and Saturday night.
  • Bicycles with room for more than two people are not allowed. In the case of tandems both cyclists must register.
  • Only bicycles with two wheels are allowed.
  • For more information about equipment!


Six hours of rest

You must rest for at least six (6) hours after completing the event before driving anywhere. This includes driving back to nearby accommodation. The police will be around to enforce this. If you are found driving within 6 hours of completing the event you will be disqualified from the event.

This rule is in accordance with Swedish Traffic Law 1998:1276:

Chapter 3 Paragraph 1

Vehicles may not be driven by anyone who, because of illness, exhaustion, alcohol or drugs is unable to drive safely.


Note that littering is prohibited under Swedish law, read more at Keep Sweden Tidy (NOTE! Only in swedish). Do not throw trash along the track without picking up the garbage and throw in the depots or in the trash zones found at several locations along the course. Thank you for helping us help the environment.

Cut off times

The Jönköping rest stop closes at 11.30 am Saturday, the Hjo rest stop at 4.00 pm and the finish in Motala at midnight. If you cannot make these times you will be asked to leave the course and transport will be provided if necessary. Cyclists in the last start groups should take note of these times. Late starts will also need lights if finishing late on Saturday.

Safety first

If you stop, move to the side of the road immediately. If you need to leave the course please move your bicycle off the road but leave it close enough so that it is clearly visible to our service cars. Vätternrundan takes place on open public roads so you should not ride side by side as this can obstruct other vehicles. Inexperienced cyclists are advised to avoid riding in a bunch. It is best to keep your own pace and conserve energy during the early phases of the event. Never overtake another cyclist unless it is safe!


Vätternrundan reserves the right to use any photographs (and video) of participants in their marketing. If you think you might appear on a picture, feel free to contact us at +46 141 22 32 90 and we will help you.

Our partners

Vätternrundan would never be what it is today if it wasn't for our fantastic partners who share our passion for the sport of cycling.