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Transfer of entry

Important for entries and starting times

If you wish to change your start time, you can do so, in subject to availability, in the expo area prior to the start for the cost of 200 SEK.

We permit transfer of entries to another person between March 20 and June 4 (June 13 for Vätternrundan 300 km). We also permit transfer of entries to MTB-Vättern 25 km/50 km, Tjejvättern 100 km, Vätternrundan 100 km and Halvvättern 150 km.

Please, pay attention when purchasing an entry on the secondary market. Note that transfers can be done only during the transfer period and you should therefore wait until then before making a purchase.

E-commerce always implies a risk, regardless which site you use, but check our community at for entries.

Important about MTB-Vättern

Note! If you are born earlier than 2004, you can not buy an entry which is intended for adolescents and children born between 2004-2007. These entries has a regular entry fee of 200 SEK. From 15 years and above the entry fee is 500 SEK.

Frequently asked questions

We have gathered the most common questions and answers concerning the purchasing and selling of entries for Vätternrundan 2018, divided into Purchaser and Seller.


Is name change a requirement for the transfer of an entry to be valid?


As the purchaser, I send my personal information to the seller, who will then do the name change him/herself?

Yes! Send your customer ID and birth day (Year-Month-Day). The seller can then get access to other information.

Which price applies when purchasing an entry?

The price is determined by the purchaser and seller, but as a guideline, the price for an entry in the regular registration is 1 400 SEK. The price 1800 SEK is for pre booked entries and Swedish Classic entries.

The seller pays the administrative fee of 200 SEK for the transfer.

Is the entry I have purchased genuine?

When the seller registers the name change, a confirmation e-mail is sent to both the seller and the buyer attesting that the change has been registered. You can search “See your registration” (My Pages) to check if the transfer is complete.

How do I know if the seller is serious and actually did the name change?

As with all private transactions and Internet commerce, quick business is not always good business. During the transfer period, both the purchaser and seller will receive a receipt that the name change was completed. Therefore, purchases before this period are not recommended!

You can verify that the seller actually has an entry by e-mailing Vätternrundan: and ask if the seller is in our database or you can search with the sellers name under “Participants, results and images“. Common sense and a gut feeling are recommended!

As a purchaser, do I get access to My Pages?

Yes, since you have to register to retain your customer Id.

Do I take over the seller’s Startklar insurance?

No. Startklar is a personal insurance. You can supplement with your own Startklar insurance.

If I purchase an entry with a certain starting time, but my friend start a completely different time, can he switch to mine or I to his?

Yes! You can change start group in Motala but it is a subject to availability. The cost for that is 200 SEK.

Can I change starting time from a regular start group to a Sub-group?


Can I change from a Sub-group to a normal start group?

Yes! In Motala but it is a subject to availability. The cost for that is 200 SEK.

Can I change starting time between Sub-groups?


If any of the events are fully booked, how can it be possible to change starting time in subject to availability?!?

Cancellations due to illness and injuries or other reasons and unused sponsor entries create gaps that can be used for changing starting times.

What happens if I purchase an entry before the transfer period?

You have to be sure that the seller will do the name change on My Pages during the transfer period March 20 to June 4 (June 13 for Vätternrundan 300 km), 2018, otherwise the transfer will not be valid and the start card will not give you the right to start Vätternrundan. Watch out for fraudsters!

What happens if I purchase an entry after the transfer period?

Name changes cannot be done after the transfer period. The transfer will be invalid and the start card will not give you the right to start.

I purchase an entry and don’t bother with the name change…

Riding with a bib number belonging to someone else is not permitted and ID spot checks will be conducted when handing out the bib numbers. If you still choose to ride in someone else’s name, remember that accident and liability insurance, which cover all participants in Vätternrundan, will not apply for you. The time that is published and saved at will not be in your name, the diploma can not be printed in your name, your participation can not be counted as part of a Swedish Classic and you will not have the possibility of obtaining a receipt from the organiser or any cancellation insurance.


As the seller, do I have to do the name change?

Both yes and no! The purchaser must first register as a customer at My Pages to retain the customer ID, which the seller needs for the transfer. You then go to My Pages, login, do the name change by filling in the purchaser’s customer ID and birth date (year-month-day), and pay 200 SEK in administration fees via direct payment. After registering the name change, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to both you and the purchaser.

What is direct payment?

Online payment with Swedbank, Handelsbanken, Nordea and SEB internet bank or Visa and Mastercard payment cards.

I do not have my login details to My Pages?

If your current e-mail address is registered, you can order the login details at My Pages. If not, e-mail Vätternrundan, and state your birth data and your email address which you want us to register and send the login details to.

What price applies when I sell my entry?

The price is determined by the seller and purchaser.

Can I sell my entry and let my Startklar insurance be included as a bonus?

Startklar insurance is personal, so this is not possible.

Can I sell my entry already now before the transfer period?

We never advise anyone to purchase/sell their entry before the transfer period. But if you sell, you have to complete the transaction by doing the name change at My Pages during the transfer period and payment must be done latest June 4 (June 13 for Vätternrundan 300 km), otherwise the purchaser doesn’t have the right to start.

What happens if I sell my entry after the transfer period?

Names changes can not be done after the transfer period and the transfer will be invalid, meaning that the start card will not provide the purchaser the right to start.

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