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Electric bike FAQs

Can I use the electric bike as a normal bike?

Yes, of course you can. On the other hand, an electric bike is a bit heavier than a regular bike. In the engine there is a gear wheel that rolls freely when the engine is not working. All parts that are moving creates friction and makes an electric bike a bit harder to pedal. Therefore, an electric bike can be experienced as a bit heavier to ride on than a regular bike.

Do I have to pedal an electric bike to make it move forward?

Yes, you need to pedal for the electric motor to give you the extra help. It’s easy to decide when and how much help you want.

There is a “walking assistant” that is supposed to help you as you lead your bike while walking. The maximum speed for that is 6 km / h (without pedaling).

Do I have to use an electric bike to be able to participate in Vätternrundan 100 km?

Absolutely not. Using an electric bike is just an option, no requirement. If you want to cycle the event on an electric bike, you will choose that option when you sign up at My Pages.

How fast can I ride an electric bike?

You can ride as fast as you can pedal. Just like a regular bike, you decide the speed. The engine on the electric bike stops helping when you reach a speed of 25 km/h (by law).

How long does a battery work?

The battery capacity varies greatly depending on the weight and driving behavior of the cyclist. Other factors that play a major role are tire pressure, temperature, terrain, start / stop frequency and weather, and, of course, the basic features of the battery. It is important to take all these parameters into account when looking at the distance.

A tip! A battery on an electric bike can be charged as often as possible without affecting life. If you charge the battery to 80% most times, and then to 100% every fifth or tenth time, you can more than double the battery life.

An electric bike engine has a power of 250W (continuous power). During short accelerations the power can be 500W. If you have a lot of start / stop in its ride, the engine in theory can consume 4-500W (continuous power). If you have an 11Ah battery (396Wh), this may end in approximately one hour, folding allows for a short distance (maybe as short as 2 miles). Instead of riding a long flat road, the engine can be loaded with 150-200W even at 25 km / h. The same battery can then last 2.5-3 hours, which can give a distance of 70-80 kilometers.

How long time does it take to load a battery?

Reply Crescent: Our standard charger is on 2A. This means you can charge the battery with 2 amps per hour. If you have a completely empty battery of 11Ah it may take about 5.5 hours before it is full. We also have 3A speed charger which charges the same battery in 3.5 hours.

Vätternrundan informs: There will be no possibility to charge batteries in the depots along the track because of the long charging times.


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