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About the race

Halvvättern is a 150 km long recreational ride that starts and finishes in Motala. The course follows the beautiful lake Vättern southward, turns north east towards Skänninge and then back to Motala. The course goes through a varied and beautiful landscape. Anyone 15 years old or older (or who turns 15 during the year) may participate.

Because Halvvättern is a recreational ride, no winners are listed. Instead cyclists wear a timing chip that registers their individual times. These times can be seen under Participants, results & images. Here it’s possible for anyone to check starting time, time for passing check points and arrival time at the finish in Motala.

Cyclists who complete the course receive a medal at the finish.

The start takes place between 10.00 – (approx) 12.30 and the finish closes at 21.00.

Halvvättern is part of the Swedish Half Classic series of events.


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Our partners

Vätternrundan would never be what it is today if it wasn't for our fantastic partners who share our passion for the sport of cycling.