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Pre-booked group

Pre-booked groups are for larger groups interested in a certain starting time interval. As a bonus, extra benefits and offers along the way are included! The minimum number for a pre-booked group in Vätternrundan’s rides are 10 persons and a maximum of 40 persons.

To ensure that all starting times not immediately disappear, a maximum limit of 50% pre-booked entries per hour is in effect. This means that not all pre-booked groups will receive the exact starting time they want and in the cases of a conflict, Vätternrundan reserves the right to distribute alternative starting times or refer those affected to the regular entry. SUB 9-groups have only one starting time alternative (11.30-12.30).

Apply for a pre-booked group by filling in the form at My Pages.

Current offers

Here you will find exciting offers for all who are registered in a pre-booked group

Complimentary start

If you, the group leader procure 20 cyclists or more to your pre-booked group, then Vätternrundan will issue you with a complimentary start.

All group leaders with at least 20 cyclists in their pre-booked group will be contacted by Vätternrundan.

Why a pre-booked group?

In the comparison below you can see what the advantage of starting in a pre-booked group compared to starting in a regular group

Regular group Pre-booked group
Joint start in the event
Personal service throughout the year
Reserved time in the most attractive time slots
Group offers from sponsors and partners
A slot in Team Village at the event area (tent package not included)

Registration, pre-book group

Entry fees
Vätternrundan, SEK 1900
Halvvättern, SEK 1 000
Tjejvättern, SEK 900
Vätternrundan 100 km, SEK 900

Applications for pre-booked groups can be made from September 1st 2023. The last day for applications to Vätternrundan 315 km is on October 3rd. The group leader has until October 23rd to ensure that the groups participants have completed their registration.

Groups that choose group payment via IBAN/BIC should note that unused entries will not be refunded.

Questions about pre-booked groups? Contact us via

Our partners

Vätternrundan would never be what it is today if it wasn't for our fantastic partners who share our passion for the sport of cycling.