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(Svenska) Förbokad grupp

Pre-booked groups are for larger groups interested in a guaranteed entry and a certain starting time interval. The minimum number for a pre-booked group is 30 persons.

To ensure that all starting times do not immediately disappear, a maximum limit of 50% pre-booked entries per hour is in effect. This means that not all pre-booked groups will receive the exact starting time they want and in the cases of a conflict, Vätternrundan reserves the right to distribute alternative starting times or refer those affected to regular starting entries. Sub9 groups have only one starting time alternative (12.00-13.00).

Register your interest by filling out the form. All entries will receive a booking confirmation requiring commitment in August. At the end of September, all accepted confirmations will receive a registration link to complete the entry.

The entry fee for pre-booked groups in Vätternrundan June 13-14, 2014, is 1750 SEK/person (regular price 1,350 SEK), meaning that the group is given the opportunity to register before regular registrations and even the chance to choose starting times. There are two payment options: individual payment and invoice. NOTE that payed entries cannot be refunded.

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