• What do I do if I didn’t get an entry?

    The waiting list

    All of you who didn’t get an entry on the 4th of November have been placed in the waiting list. That means that the entries that aren’t paid will be assigned to the waiting list from the top. If you get an entry this way you will receive an e-mail that explains how you go ahead.

    The Swedish Classic Registration

    Swedish Classic participants who have completed a 2016 ski event in Öppet Spår, Vasaloppet or Engelbrektsloppet and who do not have a starting entry for Vätternrundan 2016 are welcome to register. The registration is made at My Pages. Read more about it here!

    The transfer period

    After the Swedish Classic Registration is finished we open our transfer period. That means that during that period (and that period only) it is allowed to buy and sell an entry in Vätternrundan. The deal is completed at My Pages and the sold entry is registered on the buyer and thereby becomes valid. Read more about it here!

  • Can I change start time so I can ride with an already registered friend? 

    Yes, if there’s available entries in that group you can change your start time at the “Changes” tent in the expo area in Motala during the event days for a cost of 200 SEK.

  • How do I log on to My Pages?

    You need a customer ID and a password. If you have participated in any of our rides since 2001 you will already have them. If you have forgotten them you can get them sent to your e-mail via My Pages, given that you still have access to the e-mail address you stated when you first registered. Otherwise you can call +46 (0) 141 22 32 90 to get help.

  • I have ordered new login information but I don’t get them to my e-mail. Why?

    Check your spam filter. Otherwise contact the office at +46 (0) 141 22 32 90 and we will help you.

  • How do I cancel my registration of interest?

    If you need to redo or remove your registration of interest you can go to My Pages, click on “Registrations” in the blue menu and pick your ride.
    You will then come to your page for your registration of interest. At the far right you will see a trash bin symbol.
    Click on that and click Ok when prompted.
    Now your registration of interest is removed and you can create a new one.

  • Do I have to confirm my or the groups registration of interest?

    No, your or the groups registration of interest is confirmed automatically when we close My Pages at 12 am on the registration day.


  • The registration code has 12 characters (13 with a hyphen)

    The registration code has 12 characters (123456-abcdef). BUT! The hyphen is a part of the code which makes the code 13 characters.

    Thus the whole code INCLUDED the hyphen must be entered!

  • How does registration for Vätternrundan work?

    To be able to register for Vätternrundan you have to have made a registration of interest. By doing so you get a registration code that you use on the registration day on the 4th of November. Go to My Pages and choose if you would like to create a group, join a group or ride solo. After that you get your registration code, but you still have to wish for a starting time and confirm your registration of interest.

  • What is the loyalty program?

    It is created to give back to the loyal riders in Vätternrundan. The requirement is that you have to have participated and completed at least 3 of the last 6 Vätternrundan. You register interest and registration as usual but if you checked the box at My Pages you will get an entry in the event that the regular registration doesn’t grant you an entry.

  • What is an entry transfer?

    During 26th of March and 18th of May we open up our transfer period. During that time you can buy and sell entries in our rides online. Note that Vätternrundan doesn’t buy or sell any places during this period. Read more about it on the site: VätternrundanTjejvättern och Halvvättern

  • I want to ride with my friends. How do I register as a group?


    You create a group on My Pages and become group leader. Pick the “Create a group” option and you will receive a registration code that you distribute to the other riders. Note that each rider must have an account on My Pages. The riders then log on to My Pages, pick Vätternrundan to join and then picks “Join a group” and enter the registration code.

    When the group leader sees that the all other riders are in the group he/she clicks on “Confirm group”. Then the start time is set and the group is closed. After this no one else can enter the group.


    On the registration day, 4th of November at 7 pm, the group leader, and only the group leader, enters the registration code for the group.

  • How does registration for Tjej- and Halvvättern work?

    Go to My Pages and pick one of the following options; Create a group, Join a group or ride solo. After that you get your registration code. Then you have to pick one or more desired start times before you confirm your registration. After that you have 5 days to pay for your entry to confirm it. Read more about registration: Tjejvättern, Halvvättern

  • Some of the start times are red. Are they full?

    No, it means that they are highly sought after. The yellow ones are less sought after and then the green.

  • I have clicked on “Confirm/Pay” before all members of the group had joined. What do I do?

    If no one in the group has payed yet we can fix it. Each member of the group has to go to My Pages, click on “Registrations” and the current ride. At the far right, after the name, there’s a trash bin symbol. Click it and the registration is removed and you can start over.

    This only applies to TJEJVÄTTERN and HALVVÄTTERN!

  • (Svenska) Hur fungerar klassikeranmälan?

  • I’ve become ill/injured and can’t participate. What do I do?

    If you have signed up for the Startklar insurance you contact Folksam at +46 (0) 771 96 90 60. After that you contact our office at +46 (0) 141 22 32 90 or e-mail us at info@vatternrundan.se and we will remove you. If you haven’t signed up for Startklar the entry fee isn’t refunded.

  • I’m registered but can’t make it. How do I remove my entry?

    Contact the office at +46 (0) 141 22 32 90 or by e-mail info@vatternrundan.se. We do not refund the start fee.

The route

Halvvättern’s route is 150 kilometres long. It goes south along lake Vättern, makes a wide circle and then heads back north again to the finish in Motala. There are four rest stops. The course is very beautiful, varied and challenging enough for both beginners and intermediate cyclists. The cyclists start in groups during the morning and the finish does not close until 8pm, which means that the participants have all day to enjoy the ride.

Course Officials

Course officials are posted at various points along the route. They will help you at traffic junctions and in places where there may be some doubt about the directions. In addition traffic cones and other markings are used to keep you on track. You do not need a map, as the route is well marked.

The rest stops

Snacks, beverages, massage and bicycle repairs are available at all service depots (except for the self-service one).

Service depots are clearly marked in advance with the sign “Depå”. If you do not want to stop at the service depots, move out into the middle of the road. If you want to stop at the service depots, keep to the right and signal. Use hand signals and be observant as confusion at service depots entry points can lead to collisions.

Borghamn 32 km

The first stop is usually reached quickly. Beverages, buns and bananas.

Stocklycke 42 km

Self-service depot with water only.

Ödeshög 53 km

Beautiful views over Lake Vättern. Beverages, buns and bananas.

Boet 80 km

Self-service depots with water only. Split timing station.

Rök 104 km

Home of the famous rune stone, with the world’s longest runic inscription, and a popular service depot half way to the finish. Beverages, buns and bananas.

Skänninge 126 km

This service depot is in the town square of a well-preserved medieval town. Beverages, buns and bananas.

Sights along the route

After being escorted out of Motala, the cyclists head south and pass Vadstena, a picturesque medieval town and a “must-see” in the Michelin Guide. After the service depot in Borghamn, you will bike over Omberg, known as the mountain of flowers, which is a nature reserve. From there the route continues south along the lake to the next service depot in Ödeshög.

The course then turns east and the landscape changes to deep forest. After some kilometers you reach Boet, where you can fill up your bottle with water. Now the course turns north again crossing beautiful farming country.

At the service depot in Rök you can see the famous rune stone with the world’s longest runic inscription. After Rök you approach an area that was a centre of power for many of the kings that ruled Sweden during the middle ages. While keeping your eyes on the road you can allow yourself to glance at the churches of Appuna and Bjälbo, two particularly important churches during the middle ages among the many churches on these plains.

The last service depot is in the town square in Skänninge. Skänninge is a well-preserved town established in the 12th century, once considered the country’s capital.

Height profile

Race course

Our partners

Vätternrundan would never be what it is today if it wasn't for our fantastic partners who share our passion for the sport of cycling.